The challenges of raising an Empathetic child:)

So this post is going to be a bit more personal….maybe even a little bit of a vent!

My daughter had a nightmare on Wednesday night. We have had a few over the years, night terrors under 2 consistently. She woke sweating and terrified but wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me what was wrong. She wanted to go to the couch to sleep and even the change of room left her scared to close her eyes in case she had the same dream:(

When she got home the next day I was determined to find out what the dream was about so I could try and help her understand it. She told me that the red wolf was eating her! On Wednesday at Kindy she was shown a mindfulness clip about a red and blue wolf…the red one being the angry one.

I spoke to her teachers today who were very understanding. As I spoke to them I was reminded that and this will be an on-going challenge of being a parent to an empathic child.

I have realised that this is just going to be a taste of when she goes to school in 6 months and she will then be subjected to behavior, words, and actions that I have protected her from up to this point in her life. It makes me sad and even a bit angry, but that’s life.

I guess that’s when I have to trust that we as parents have done enough for her to make her own choices, stand up for herself when she needs to and not be led by the majority.

Every age of raising a child has its challenges; this is just another one of them.

My biggest lesson here… 2 way communication. As long as our daughter always feels that she can talk to us, then she can feel and release her emotions…..something her Mummy always struggled with as a child.

Hope that wasn’t too heavy for a Friday night!!

Happy weekend:)