Singing 101 with Casey Echo-Phoenix – a review and so much more

Today I had the pleasure of attending a singing workshop at the Sherwood Queenstown. Not my usual course to occupy my Saturday afternoon but, I thought I would experiment outside my comfort zone.

This workshop was so much more than learning to sing. It was about accessing different sounds in your body and finding an inner strength to use that power.

I loved the fact that there was no judgement of the quality and tone of your voice from anyone in the room. The space that was held was one of support and comfort to try your sounds in whichever way you could.

I never knew how much there was to singing! I can feel the different muscles I used today. I found a place of power in my belly to access a voice long hidden. Does that mean you will hear me belting out tunes at a local bar or on youtube……hell no! I know my limits. I know this is not one of my gifts in life but I have a new found appreciation for a voice that has been trained and an enjoyment of singing that can be found in a simple sound or a single note.

Undoubtedly Casey, our teacher today, has a stunning voice that I could have listened to for the 2 hours and come away just as happy. She never once made it about her and her talent. A genuine love of teaching and creating that touched everyone in the room. A warm energy and smiles could be felt from start to finish.

These workshops are a beautiful example of community and giving everyday people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to learn something new or reawaken something lost. (QT Collective)

I realised this week that I have been playing it safe for some time. Keeping with what works, walking the same route every day, learning the same things. A way of keeping control of some sorts; strengthening the same neuro pathways over and over. By attending this workshop today I remembered the beauty of the unknown. The childlike wonder and firing new signals in my brain with every new piece of knowledge and practice.

What to try next:)