Chenin has always had a passion for helping people & leading successful teams – helping others reach their true potential, bringing out the best in people and supporting those when they needed it the most.

Faced with many challenges in her life prior to giving birth, the journey of becoming a Mum and the health issues she faced since would be the turning point in her life and career.

When trying to find answers to personal health issues, conventional medicine & prior medical knowledge left her chasing her tail. That’s when she found other modalities that solved her medical issues, developing a passion for holistic health & healing.

Chenin has been able to Create Balance in her life and it is now her life’s purpose to help others to do the same. She currently works out of her Clinic in Queenstown.

  • Atua Healing Practitioner
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Adult Educator
  • Diploma Sports Science & Management


“I want to help you improve your life and find that BALANCE that everyone is after