Health, Healing & Happiness May 18th 2019, Queenstown

Join us on Saturday for workshops from the following:-

– Planet Mechanic
Workshop: An Introduction To Astrology
Have you ever seen your astrology chart? If so, bring it along! If not, get a copy from Sousa by sending her an email. Let’s jump straight in and take a look at the world of astrology for you and your loved ones. Questions answered. This will be a mixed level workshop for absolute beginners and those with prior knowledge of astrology.

– Elemental Potential
Change your Communication …..Change your Life!

All communication lives or dies, thrives or survives on just three things. These three things cause everything that you deal with every day.

What are they? Assumption, perception, and EGO.

Come and find out how to free yourself from the constraints of worn out patterns, ideas and attitudes.

The aim in every human interaction should be to add to the equation…..not subtract!

How are you doing?

The good news? Communication starts and ends with you.
The bad news? Communication starts and ends with you!

An enlightening and reflective look at how your communication affects your life and relationships with Steph Holloway, NZ Communication and Body Language authority.

– Living in Flow
Linda offers vibrational jewellery with crystals, yoga and essential oils. Including integrated bodywork with fascia release and reiki.

“We’ll set the tone with relaxing essential oils and breath work, before learning some great little fascia release techniques that are both short and sweet ways to release tension in tight spots. Then we will explore how to select, cleanse and activate crystals for greater subtle energy support”.

– Cre8ing Balance
Energy Activation
We can’t see it, but we know its there….
We are affected by it, but often don’t know how…
We want more of it, but how do we get it?

Join me to learn about Energy in simple terms and how we can use it to enhance our everyday lives and how you can clear it so as not to get stuck in the past:)