October 27 2018         Frankton Road, QUEENSTOWN

It’s back!!!

Heal your body; Free your mind; Exercise your soul

4 workshops demonstrating the use of energy in its various forms to assist in self-healing , decision making and provide you with tools for success and everyday challenges.

If you’re struggling to find answers to nagging health issues or just want to know more about the limitless powers of the universe and how you can lead your best possible life, then this is the event for you.

Chenin Madden – Energy Activator & Educator
Kim Knight – Elite Health Coach
Sousa Jefferson – New Zealand’s Leading Astrology
Julie & David – Body & Mind Healing Practitioners



Limited tickets available

Chenin Madden Cre8ing Balance – Energy Activator & Educator

Mum, Nature lover & Energy enthusiast:)

Life is all about balance and it all starts with putting yourself first.

I am an advocate & instigator for getting people to reach their highest potential through loving their unique self and removing blockages in the energy field.

My passion is people; my love is the land and energy. Everything is energy and when we can work in harmony with it, we reap the rewards and life begins to flow as it should.


Sousa Jefferson – Planet Mechanic -Astrological Consultant                      

Sousa is a New Zealander and practitioner of astrology for more than 20 years. She has a degree in

Astrology from Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences, in Seattle Washington. Her current

services include; Astrological Forecast Readings, Cycle-Logical Counseling, Health Readings, Family

Karma Readings, Elections – timing important events, Relationship Compatibility, Children’s Profiles, Courses, Workshops and Talks.


Kim Knight – Elite Health Coach                                  

Kim turned her gift of pain into her profession and will be presenting the following Workshop:

The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness.

The theme of our day is energy. Everything is energy: your mind, emotions, physical body and Soul are all energy.

Known as the ‘Emotional Health Detective’ for her ability to isolate the root stress-emotional-belief causes of physical illness in record time, in this workshop you will learn how managing EMOTIONAL ENERGY is key to maintaining health and balance.

You will learn key emotional intelligence tactics including:
– how to identify and recognize the 4 core families of emotions
– how to clear any type of emotion in seconds without trauma or drama
– how to identify and use your multiple brains
– how to communicate your emotional needs in one easy sentence (part of Kim’s signature ‘Authentic Me’ technique
– the 9 pillars of health mastery
– and more!



More details to come………………………………..